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Oklahoma Farmers Markets - 59 Markets

Pick a City in Oklahoma

Additions or Updates?


     Ada Farmers' Market
         12th and Townsend
        May-October Wed, Sat 6am-1pm


     Caddo County Farmers' Market
        110 West Central
        June - August Tues 8am-Noon


     Market Place on Broadway
        106 E Broadway
        April-August. Wed8:30am-12:00pm; Sat 8:30am-12:00pm. Septe Wed, Sat Summar 7:30am-12:00pm; Winter 10:00am-1:00pm


     Bartlesville Farmers' Market
        210 SW Frank Phillips Blvd
        May-October Sat 8:30am-11:00 am


     The Children's Center Farmers' Market
         6800 NW Expressway
        May-September Thurs, Sat 8am-Noon.


     Blanchard Farmers' Market
         222 South Main Street
        April-November Sat 7:30am-Noon.


     Broken Arrow Farmers' Market
         418 S Main St
        April 16- Oct 17 Thurs, Sat 8:00am-noon


     Chickasha Farmers' Market
         7th & Chickasha Ave
        May-November Tues, Sat 7am-Noon


     Eastern Oklahoma County Farmers' Market
         Choctaw Creek Park, 2001 N Harper
        June-October Sat 8am-Noon


     Tri-County Farmers' Market
         Collinsville Plaza, 12th & Main Street
        June-October Wed, Sat 8am-11am


     Frontier Country Historical Society Farmers' Market
         Museum Grounds
        June-Labor Day Sat 8am-Noon


     Downtown Cushing Farmers' Market
         104 W Broadway
        June-September Thurs 4pm-7pm.


     Downtown Duncan Farmers' Market
         7th & Main
        June-October Wed, Sat 8am-6pm


     Edmond Farmers' Market
         2nd & Broadway
        May & October Wed, Sat 8am-1pm


     El Reno Farmers' Market
         Downtown behind Ross Feed & Seed. 100 S Choctaw
        June-September Wed, Sat 8am-1pm; 8am-1pm


     Enid Farmers Market
         Owen K. Garriott & Grand St (Train Station)
        May-October Sat 8:00 AM - 11:00 AM


     Eufaula Farmers Market
         301 S First (Public Libary)
        May-September Tues 7am-12pm 7am-12pm


     Guthrie Farmers' Market
         Harrison & Wentz Lot
        June-September Wed, Sat 8am-12pm


     Hobart Farmers' Market
         Kiowa County Courthouse Square
        June-September Wed, Sat 8am-Noon


     Jenks Farmers' Market
         Riverwalk Crossing Parking Lot
        May-September Sat 7am-Noon


     Kingfisher Farmers' Market
         301 N 7th Street
        June-August Sat 8am-11am


     Marshall County Growers Market
         107 N Main Street
        May-August Tues 9am - 11am


     S.W. Oklahoma Growers Association
         Comanche Co Fairgrounds
        May-October Wed, Sat 8:00AM - 12:00 PM


     Main Street Farmers' Market
         Downtown Courthouse Square
        June-August Wed, Sat 8am-Noon


     Pittsburg County Farmers' Market
         Main & Choctaw
        May-November Tues, Thurs, Sat 7:30am-Noon


     Old Town Farmers' Market
         Downtown Moore
        May-October Thurs, Sat 4pm-8pm; 8am-1pm


     Muskogee Farmers' Market
         5th & Okmulgee
        April 11-October Wed, Sat 8am-12pm


     Noble Farmers' Market
         304 S Main Hwy 77
        May-October Sat 8am-1pm


     Norman Farmers' Market
         Cleveland County Fairgrounds, 615 E Robinson
        April-October Sat 8am-12:30pm

  Oklahoma City

     Community Farmers Market
         N.E. 23rd & Bryant
        June-October Thurs, Sat 11am-7:30pm

     Lovely Day Fine Art & Plant
         2616 N Shartel Ave
        April-October Tues 3:30pm-7:30pm

     OKC Safe Community Coalition Farmers' Market
         1220 NE 33rd St
        May-October Tues 10:00 am-1:00pm

     OSDH Wellness Farmers' Market
         1000 NE 10th Street
        June-September Fri 11am-1pm

     OSU/OKC Outdoor Summer/Indoor Winter Farmers' Market
         400 N Portland (under the Horticulture pavilion)
        Summer - April 19-October. Winter November-mid April Sat Summer 8am-1pm

     OSU/OKC Thursday Farmers' Market
         1120 NW 63rd Street
        May 28 - September Thurs 3:00pm-7:00pm


     Okmulgee Farmers' Market
         100 W 6th Street (on the Sq)
        May-October Fri 8am-2pm


     Owasso Farmers' Market
         8300 N Owasso Expressway (At the YMCA)
        May-mid October Wed, Sat 8am-Noon


     Piedmont Farmers' Market
         1st & Madison Street
        June 7-August Sat 8am-Noon


     Ponca City Farmers' Market
         14th ST and Highland Pioneer Woman Museam
        May 15 - September Tue4pm - 6pm Sat8am -10:30am 8am -10:30am


     Sayre Main Street Farmers Market
         Main St (Hwy 152)
        June-October Sat 8:00AM - 11:00


     Seminole County Farmers' Market
         910 W Wrangler Blvd
        June-September Tues 8pm-1pm


     Pottawatonie County Farmers Coop Market
         Hwy 77 & Hardesty Road
        Mid April - October Wed, Sat 8:00AM - 2:00 PM


     Osage Hills Farmers' Market
         202E Rogers Blvd
        May-October Sat 8:00AM - 12:00 PM


     Stillwater Farmers' Market
         309 N Main Street
        November-March Wed, Sat 8am-1pm


     Stilwell Farmers' Market
         5 N 6th (Stilwell Library)
        April-October Wed, Sat 8am-Noon


     Tahlequah Farmers' Market
         2111 Mahaney Ave
        May-October Sat 8:00AM - 12:00 PM


     Talihina Farmers' Market
         First Street & Dallas
        June-October Wed, Sat 8:00AM - 12:00 PM


     Johnston County Farmers' Market
         8th & 9th and Kemp
        May - October Mon, Sat 7am-1pm


     Cherry Street Farmers' Market
         15th & Peoria (Lincoln Plaza)
        April-October 3 Sat 7am-11am

     Downtown Tulsa Farmers' Market
         3rd & Boston at William's Green
        May 20-October Tues 10:30am-2pm

     North Tulsa Farmers' Market
         2620 E 56th Street N
        June-October Sat 8:30am-12:30pm

     Pearl Farmers' Market
         610 S Peoria (6th & Peoria Centennial Park)
        April 23-September 15 Thurs 4:30pm-7pm

     Tulsa's Cherry St Farmers market
        15th. At Cherry Street
        April - Oct Sat 7 am - 11 am


     Tuttle Farmers Market
         SW 2nd and Main Street
        May-August Sat 8:00 AM - 11:30 AM


     Valliant Farmers' Market
         Hwy 70 West @ Railroad Track
        June-August Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat 9am-5pm


     Weatherford Farmer's Market
         Corner of Kee & Indiana
        May-October Tues, Sat 8am-12:30pm


     Wilburton Farmers' Market
         302 W Main
        June-October Sat 8am-11am


     Woodward Main Street Farmer's Market
        9th & Texas
        May 30-October 31 Tues, Sat 7:45am-Noon


     Yukon Farmers' Market
         Route 66 in Yukon (Front of Yukon National Bank)
        June-October Sat 8am-Noon


Additions or Updates?

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