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Freedom Supplies Choice

The Fourth of July is the day we as Americans became a nation.  We celebrate our freedom every year on this day with all kinds of festivities usually culminating with fireworks.  What does freedom mean to each of us?  Check out Lorie Marrero’s  Declare Your Independence From Clutter to see how you can free yourself of unwanted stuff..  Read how Barbara Kingsolver freed her family from the industrialized food chain for one year in our book section.  Check out Anne Perry’s article “Being Liberated Is Not About Burning Bridges Or Bras”, very succinctly put that with age comes freedom. 

I am an Army Brat.  I was born overseas while Dad was stationed in Germany.  Dad spent most of his life in the service and  fought in World War II, the Korean War and Vietnam because he believed our freedom was worth fighting for.  I remember when Mom got the phone call that Dad's plan had crashed in Vietnam and he was severely injured.  I remember the stretch of time that we were not sure if he would make it.  We were lucky, he did.  Closer to home a few years ago, Tucson lost a police officer who was working in the line of duty.  Officer Erik Hite lost his life doing what he believed in, protecting our freedom.  I was taught that freedom can come at a very heavy price and that it is worth fighting for.  Why, what is freedom?  I believe that freedom is the inimitable right I have to live the life I want to live and in doing so respect each individual’s right for the same.  With this right comes a tremendous responsibility to live respecting, upholding and help creating the laws set forth to protect us and to understand that there is a price to pay when this is not done.  I also know that unfortunately lives will be lost protecting our rights for this freedom we hold dear in America.

What can I do?  Gratitude, plain and simple.  The one area I have complete freedom with is my feelings, my thoughts.  I can stop taking for granted all that I have as an American and be grateful.  I am grateful that we have men and women that believe so strongly in our freedom that they put their lives on the line everyday.  I am grateful for the servicemen, the policemen, the firemen keeping me and my family safe.  I am grateful to live in a country where I can decide how I want to live.  I am grateful for the teachers who have chosen teaching as their profession because they want to teach my children.  I am grateful for the ability to have a say in my government and I embrace my right to vote.  I am grateful for the 1st amendment and take my responsibility as a publisher of an international magazine very seriously.  I am grateful for you, our readers, who believe that Connectionsforwomen.com is a great place for women to become educated, empowered and entertained.  Freedom rings loud and strong for me.  How does it ring for you?


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