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Connecting  women we can empower women, imbue women with purpose, inspire women to be passionate about living each day to its fullest , lead women to live lives of prosperity both in the spirit and real world. - Connections for Women
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About Connections For Women ®

Connections For Women sprang from  friendship between  women. Aware of how precious friendship is in the good and the bad times we were also aware of how easy it is to become isolated, to believe we are the only woman experiencing a particular type of grief, hardship, loneliness. It is our belief that by bringing women together in both a virtual and real world, that we can foster within women the drive for dignity, independence, success and prosperity that we all have buried somewhere in our being. We believe that by connecting women we can empower women, imbue women with purpose, inspire women to be passionate about living each day to its fullest, lead women to live lives of prosperity both in the spirit and real world. 

Genny Esterline, Editor, Connections for WomenGenny Esterline brings years as a manager, chief executive officer and mom to Connections for Women. While raising three children and supporting her husband through his medical career Genny went back to get her MBA in Marketing and Logistics at the Ohio State University. Since then she has transitioned from married to single life, managed a medical practice taking it through the successful AAAHC inspection process twice and is now living her dream. As one of the founders of Connections for Women, Genny is passionate about providing support and resources for women in transition and sees ConnectionsForWomen.com as a tremendous vehicle to this end. In her spare time she loves to play tennis, work out, enjoys scrapbooking and being with her family and friends. Most recently Genny, who lives in Tucson,  has combined households with her significant other and seen the last of her three children fly the nest....not we hasten to say because of the significant other!

Gerry Hogan, Editor, Connections for WomenGerry Hogan brings her experience gained as an entrepreneur, an ardent traveler, a “mom”, “grandma”, divorced, single mother and then a widow. She sold a successful and internationally respected optical manufacturing company close to five years ago and, within days of doing so, her husband died. She attributes being on the cusp of, “going to do all those things we had put off doing when cancer destroyed the dream”, as her motivating force in being a founding partner in Connections For Women, LLC. A keen cook, reader, gardener, hiker, birder, amateur astronomer and the “old” one in the Connections team, she brings her vision to these pages through her many interests, her passion for living fully each day and her ability to reflect on what she has learned and continues to learn from the many great women she knows and connects with through this forum. Gerry's primary home is Tucson where she lives with Hamish, a dog of very uncertain ancestry, and a bird,  flower and veggie filled garden.

The internet is a remarkable doorway into worlds we never dreamed possible to access only 15 years ago. It is also a singularly isolating portal. Millions of people access the internet daily, they venture into new worlds, chat rooms, virtual friends materialize, travel is vicarious...we begin to live through what we read rather than what is real. And despite all these cyberspace friendships, flurries of email, virtual communities, many people still sit down to eat dinner alone. Ideas are never shared face to face and the stimulation of connecting on a physical level with like minded people is lost.

The founders of Connections For Women visualize a world beyond the virtual. Their goal is to bring together women in communities to share ideas, listen to one another, reach out in comfort. Communities where older women offer sage advice and younger women motivate us to get up and move. We propose to build these communities through local pages. By being a conduit for message boards, by encouraging the organization of groups for walking, travel, book clubs...the possibilities are endless. The first of our local pages will go live October 2008 and given it's our home town, we've chosen Tucson as the launch pad for this new venture. Our topic for the first issue is the current real estate market with articles from brokers, appraisers, mortgage experts plus sound advice on getting your home ready for sale . How will we pull people together? By providing the locale and speakers for an open forum to discuss this topic. Getting people to interact is our primary goal. Join with us as we take the journey.


About our logo

Another young man who listens is Benjamin Ilka. We presented him with the task of creating a logo and color scheme that would fully express the intent of Connections For Women. We spoke of our dream, our mission. Benjamin's interpretation is of an never ending circle of connections, the unfolding of treasures we all hold, the peeling back of the outer layer of a seed to allow new shoots, the oneness of the global community the internet provides. Thank you, Benjamin

Benjamin is an accomplished cartoonist, graphic artist, etcher, and published author and illustrator of two books for children. His work can be seen at www.madseadog.com and he can be reached at


Another exceptional young person who brought creative skills to the table for us is Rachel Buckley. We gave her the task of creating the C4W ads that appear throughout the site.

Rachel graduated this May, 2007 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Visual Communications with an emphasis in Graphic Design at the University of Arizona. She is currently doing freelance work while searching for a permanent position in her field. She can be reached through Connections For Women at and is available to create your ads.

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